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Hi! So I'm your adverage triple threat living in the suburbs of DC. Life is wonderful, crazy, and filled with new things to challenge you. "Never obstacles, just challenges" - Marc Kudisch. I love to sing, dance, act, write, explore, make graphics. I have a graphics journal (see links below). If you like what you see, you should join! This journal is friends only, so if you're not into musical theatre or anything else that I like, then what's the point of friending me? lolz. I love musicals, you have no idea! And I love to read! If I get going on certain series, I can't stop. haha. I admire a lot of people in the world. Mostly the people who stand up for what's right and aren't afraid to let go. One day, I'd like to be a working triple threat. My ambition is to be on Broadway, but I'll go where my work takes me. I say that life is beautiful and we should love every day we have and live like every day is our last. So, that's me. Any questions? Good. :)

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